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Serving a course is an invaluable way to strengthen your own practice and assist others to grow in Dhamma. There are many ways that you can offer service for a course.

It is very beneficial to your practice to serve a whole course. Serving a whole course provides a sense of continuity that is helpful to the group of students serving the course and in turn, beneficial to the students sitting the course.

If a full ten days is not available to you, though, you may serve half of a course. Courses nearly always start on a Wednesday and end on a Sunday. You can serve the first half of the course from a Wednesday morning until the following Monday after lunch, or you can serve the second half of the course from Monday evening until the close of the course the following Sunday.

If serving half of a course is not possible, there may be room for you to serve just for a weekend.

A few times a year, the Centre offers 3-day or 1 day old student courses. If your time available to serve is limited, these courses could provide you with an opportunity to serve a whole course.

Visit the Course Schedule page to apply.

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