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Day 0 and Day 11 Service Program

To assist those with the volition to serve but with little available time, Dhamma Torana has created a Day 0 and Day 11 service program.

Day 0 of a course (usually a Wednesday)

You are trained to help with the registration process for students or to assist in the kitchen with food preparation for the day.

Day 11 of a course (usually a Sunday)

You are trained to assist students who have just completed a course to clean the kitchen, residences and meditation hall.


Once you have indicated an interest in serving on Day 0 and/or Day 11 your application would be processed and a training date and time would be assigned.  After you have been trained in these areas, you can sign up to serve in this way as time allows.

Training would be arranged during a Serving Between Courses Period or on Day 0 or Day 11. At that time you would review the tasks and observe someone else a few times until you felt comfortable to continue on your own.

With this understanding, if you would like to apply for the Day 0/Day 11 Service Program please contact [email protected]

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+1 705-434-9850
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