1-Day Course – Hamilton


Go to the Course Schedule page, scroll down to Short Courses and click ‘Apply’ next to the date of the course. This will take you through the regular online application process. You will need to confirm your attendance.


8:30 am Arrive / Registration
9:00 am Formalities & Anapana Instructions
9:40 am Break
9:50 am Anapana Practice
10:50 am Break
11:00 am Vipassana Instructions
11:50 pm Lunch Break
12:10 pm Interviews
12:30 pm Vipassana Practice
1:30 pm Break
1:45 pm Group Sitting
2:45 pm Break
2:55 pm Meditation + Discourse & Metta
3:30 pm Course ends, Clean Up, Info Table


Please make sure that you read the “Introduction to the Technique and Code of Discipline”  prior to the start of your course.

Please note as per Code of Conduct for all other Vipassana meditation courses:

Please do not use cellphones at any time during the meditation course, including lunch time.


Chairs and floor mats will be provided. Please bring your own cushion, drink and vegetarian lunch. (no eggs, fish, or meat).


Empowerment Squared (East)
26 Arrowsmith Rd, Hamilton, ON L8E 4H8

Free parking is available on-site.
View on Google maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/8bpuvo86NumqBd9W7

If you would like to offer a ride or need a ride, please sign up on our rideshare board sent via the registration email. It is your responsibility to arrange a ride or alternative transportation. 


***Upon Arrival at the Location***

1. Park your car in the main parking lot.

2. Enter the building. If the door is locked, ring the buzzer and someone will greet you.

3. Proceed upstairs, remove your shoes and register for the course (on your left).

4. Proceed to the “locker” area, hang your jacket and place your belongings there. Leave your valuables in the car or bring a minimum to the course.

5. If you require to store your lunch in a fridge, please follow the signs to the Dining/Kitchen area and store your lunch in one of the community fridges.

6. Turn off and refrain from using Cell phone/other electronic devices. Observe noble silence during the course.

7. Proceed to the hall with your personal cushions/shawls. The hall can be found in the gymnasium, which is located on your right as soon as you enter the second floor. Grab any available spot.

8. Leave your water bottle outside of the meditation hall.

9. A note about the washrooms. There are two single washrooms in the “locker” area which are free to use as needed. There are additional washrooms located on the far side of the dining area. There will be signs highlighting the way. We encourage you to use these during times of high traffic.


Please follow general health guidelines and stay at home if you have respiratory related symptoms.

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+1 705-434-9850
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